Don't trust the scale!

Ok, so my weight went up .6 and it's no biggy! One thing you learn with Weight Watchers, is that this program is truly beyond the scale. The reason is that there are so many factors as to why weight fluctuates. First of all: water weight. If you drink water, or do not drink enough, it will affect your weight. If you do not go to the bathroom (ahem) enough, that will affect things. There is also the factor of the whoosh affect. That is when your cells fill up with water once they have gotten rid of fat. So, there are so many variables to consider. Don't get discouraged. Keep on keeping on. I'm trying to bust through the 147-148 plateau eventually. Exercise helps...your metabolism burns up the fat and calories. One of these days I will look back at this blog post and say: yep, I busted through!

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